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Want to Stay Wealthy?

You have worked hard to build and grow your wealth. Now it’s time to create a plan to keep it.


Creating a reliable retirement paycheck will allow you to retire with confidence & on your terms.


A $1M+ retirement tax bill is not uncommon. Reducing taxes (legally!) is critial to financial success.


Avoid hot trends and bubbles by investing with proven strategies that stand the test of time.

Taylor R. Schulte, CFP®


I’m a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Professional who specializes in tax planning for retirement savers over age 50.

In 2014, I launched Define Financial, a commission-free retirement planning firm. We help our clients reduce taxes, invest smarter, and retire on their terms.

In 2020, I was recognized as The #2 Independent Financial Advisor by Investopedia. I’m also regularly featured in major publications such as WSJ, Forbes, USA Today, and more.

When I’m not perfecting retirement plans, you can find me traveling with my wife & kids, searching for the next best carne asada burrito, or trying to master Adam Scott’s golf swing.

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